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NG/ADS and NG/MECH Series Press Brakes
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The ideal machine for the production or
jobbing environment.
Proven Design
Introducing the DYE Synchronised Twin Cylinder DNC controlled NG series press brake. These press brakes are designed and built for customers who demand precision, speed and durability.

Based on a proven design that features strength, rigidity and quality components, including the range of Swiss made Cybelec DNC controllers, DYE NG series press brakes are the ideal investment to maximise productivity.

DYE NG series press brakes use high quality linear encoders to measure the exact position of the top tool relative to the bottom tool. This, along with the C- frame encoder mounting, ensures customers can be confident that their DYE press brake is highly accurate and repeatable.

Features / Customisation
From the wide range of options including Cybelec controllers, back gauges and tooling systems, the DYE NG series Standard Press Brake can be optioned to meet customers' specific requirements and applications.

DYE NG series press brakes are designed to meet your needs, from the biggest production run to the smallest one-off job.
Solutions available
About consistent bending
To obtain a quality finished product, the bend angles must not only be precise but also consistent along the entire sheet length. This means that the table and top beam (hence top and bottom tooling) must be parallel along their entire length during bending.

Dye offer two solutions for consistent fold angles. The NG/ADS series incorporates DYE's Anti Deflection System and the NG/MECH series incorporates manual or electromechanical crowning.
Without crowning
With crowning
The use of ADS during folding helps to eliminate inconsistent fold angles
NG/ADS series
ADS Anti Deflection System
DYE's active system utilisies the controller to allow for bend correction and consistency automatically.
This system is known as the DYE Anti Deflection System or ADS. This system guarantees much greater precision than the traditional passive systems of shimming with paper or the use of an intermediate beam with compensation by wedges.
NG/Mech series
Manual Mechanical / Electromechanical Crowning
Both the manual and electromechanical systems are available as an option with the DYE NG series press brakes.
These mechanical crowning devices, which are built into the bottom beam, consists of a set of double wedges, or waves, that are moved in relation to each other. This can be adjusted via a hand wheel (manual system) or electromechanically using gearbox whose position is automatically calculated and set via the controller.
Manual hand wheel
With the automatic electromechanical system, the controller uses data such as sheet thickness, die opening and material tensile strength which are entered into the controller so that the bending force and related de ection are automatically determined. In this way the optimum crowning is obtained for each bend.
NG series standard feature
Synchronisation with Twin Linear Encoders
DYE NG series press brakes utilise two linear encoders [Y1 - Y2] mounted on each side of the top beam. These measure the exact distance between the top tool and the bottom tool to an accuracy of 0.005mm.

Both encoders travel on a zero clearance linear track system ensuring that the information sent to the control valves [valve 1 & valve 2] allows the top tool to be positioned parallel to the bottom tool, or the beam can be tilted, as required, on each step of the program.

With this precise control over the bending process, every job can be completed as intended.
NG series - customise / optional feature
Cybelec Controllers from Switzerland
Various Cybelec controllers options available - DNC15 / ModEva15T / ModEva RA
CybTouch 8 Controller
CybTouch 8 is integrated into a sleek and modern housing with swivel pendant. Thanks to its interactive touch software interface with 8 inch vivid colour screen, large keys, on-line help, and many other automatic functions to constantly guide the operator, CybTouch 8 is as simple as a positioner control.
Easy Operation
  1. Large touchscreen, with vivid colors and high-contrast
  2. Simple pages, clear display, large keys
  3. Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  4. Complete programming for e cient mass-production with multiple bends
  5. Easy single bends with the EasyBend page
  6. On-line help and interactive warning pop-ups
  7. Comfortable wireless data backup and software updating using PC or Notebook
  8. USB memory stick port for data transfer/ backup
  9. Large variety of languages available
Better Bending
  1. Various automatic calculations of bend functions
  2. Bending sequences and programs can be memorized
  3. Angle, pressure and crowning management
  4. Easy manual movement
  1. Controls 3 axes (with 4th axis as option)
  2. Bend allowance calculation
  3. Pressure – crowning calculation
  4. Modulable tools for each part or bend
  5. Angle and back gauge correction
  6. Delivered with PC1200 o ine software
CybTouch 12 Controller (upgrade)
Upgrade to the CybTouch 12 controller with the added features of a 12” vivid colour screen and optional TouchPro le function that enables the operator to simply draw the product on screen.
Other Cybelec controller options available
NG series - customise / optional feature
Safety - with no compromise
AKAS Guarding System
Lasersafe Guarding System
For machines that are CE Standard they include the following safety features:

  • Hydraulic system with middle-position monitoring
  • A choice of either AKAS or Lazersafe guard system
  • Rear entry safety guard and side throat guards with interlocks

These guard systems are designed specifically for press brakes providing operator protection and yet maintaining machine usability and productivity.

The AKAS system automatically adjusts for different tooling setups (Lazersafe is manual adjustment) and both include functions for folding material with turn-ups (eg. boxes) and will cope with even the most complex folding jobs.
NG series - customise / optional feature
Euro - top tooling tang
Wila System
bottom tooling
Multi v bottom tool
Single v bolster
60mm bolster
The standard Press Brake top tool arrangement is the Euro tang supplied with lever clamps. This tooling arrangement can be replaced by the Wila tooling system.

Bottom Tooling Option
Standard bottom tooling arrangement can be selected from - custom multi v bottom tool arrangement - single v bolster - or the 60mm bolster.
NG series - customise / optional feature
XR-Axis Back Gauge
Examples of various back gauge options available - XRZZ / XRZZ+X1 / XXRRZZ
Heavy-duty X & R axis back gauge with manual Z probes. X & R axes are complete with twin ball screws and linear tracks and linear carriages. Each X-axis linear system is mounted on the side frames to maximise the area available for reverse bends that fold down behind the machine. The latest technology AC servomotors and belt drives power all axes.

Includes two probes that are manually adjusted in the Z movements. Standard X-axis movement 500mm and R-axis movement 200mm. (Available with DNC60, DNC880 or Mod Eva controllers)