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SB Series - Swing Beam Guillotine
sb guillotine
The DYE SB Series guillotine - capability plus!
- ideal for the jobbing environment. Compact, high value, low maintenance and built to last.
DYE SB Series (swing beam) guillotines are designed and built for customers who demand precision, speed and durability.

Based on a proven design that features strength, rigidity and quality components, including the range of Swiss made Cybelec DNC controllers, our SB Series guillotines are the ideal investment to maximise productivity.
Features include:
  • Push button back gauge controller (with upgrade to Cybelec DNC60 or Cybelec CybTouch controllers available)
  • 600mm travel back gauge with auto lift at maximum stroke
  • Manual blade gap adjustment via lever
  • Ball transfer units
  • Sheet support arms, left squaring arm with dove tail
  • Stainless steel cutting quality blades
  • Shadow line for cutting to marks on sheet
  • and much more...
CybTouch 6 Cybelec Controller
Its easy programming allows the machine manufacturers to configure the axes, inputs/outputs and auxiliary functions according to their needs.

Backlight LCD display as well as a simplified keypad with large keys provide high comfort of use and quick programming.

For security there is a wireless link (rf) backup.

Extended functions are also available, such as automatic blade gap, automatic cutting angle, automatic cutting length, automatic back gauge correction and automatic back gauge foldaway.

Cybelec 6w is ideally suited to swing beam guillotines (DYE SB Series)
Cybelec 6g is ideally suited to variable rake guillotines (DYE VR Series)
cybtouch 6
Standard Cybelec controller CybTouch 6
Blade gap adjustment
Every SB series guillotine has a blade gap adjustment handle for accurate sizing to allow for different material types and thickness.
Blade gap adjustment handle
600mm travel back gauge with auto lift at full extention.

Centralised easy access grease points.
Detail of backguage | Grease points
Sheet support arms | Ball transfer units | Safety Guard
Sheet support arms - left arm with stops and v-groove

Safety guard incorporates shadow line for accurate placing of material.

Ball transfer units allow easy manipulation of material along surface of guillotine.
Detail of sheet support arm, safety guard and ball rollers.
Features for Standard and DNC Guillotines
  • Blade bolster adjustment. Enables blades to be easily aligned after sharpening (no shimming)
  • Will cut full range of material thicknesses up to machine's maximum capacity
  • Manual blade gap adjustment via single calibrated hand lever.
  • Shadow line illuminated by fluorescent lights
  • Left hand squaring arm with steel ruler measuring inserts and dove tail slot for front stops.
  • Hydraulic operation with protection by relief valve
  • External hydraulics for ease of maintenance
  • Oil level and temperature indicator
  • Roving foot pedal (with ability to stop the cutting stroke at any point and return)
  • Throat for material slitting
  • Quality blades suitable for stainless steel
  • Throat guard