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Turret Punch - Electric Servo
Introducing the latest technology Dye TPE electric servo driven turret punch press with Siemens CNC control.

The Dye TPE utilises an extremely rigid closed box construction minimising deformation under punching load while maintaining accurate die alignment and control to 0.01mm on BDC. The design also employs the latest direct drive servo motor technology to drive the ram head crankshaft - eliminating the use of hydraulics. This high performance system provides punching speeds of up to 1500 strokes per minute combined with sheet movement speeds of 102 meters per minute.

Due to the use of servo motor technology the DYE TPE provides exceptional energy savings over traditional hydraulic machines. The use of a servo motor also enables intelligent punching by calculating the punch force, stroke and speed required for every stroke. This minimises power consumption while maximising performance. The Dye TPE power usage between strokes and while sitting idle is negligible, unlike hydraulic variants. There is also the added advantage of utilising energy recovery during braking and reusing this power to further reduce power consumption.

The Dye TPE offers energy & maintenance savings of up to 50% compared to hydraulic variants, as well as greatly reduced noise emissions, higher speeds and more control over the punching and forming process.

This enable users to produce punched and formed parts at extremely competitive prices.
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Machine standard features
Using the world leading Siemens CNC control system and servo drives to provide precise control, smooth and fast performance, renowned reliability with worldwide support.
  • 10.4” colour display
  • I/O interface
  • RS232, 100M Ethernet, USB interface & CF card slot
Electric Servo Drive-Ram
The Electric Servo Drive eliminates noisy hydraulics while reducing maintenance and operating costs by over 50% compared to hydraulic variants.
Precise ram control of speed, stroke and position provides the highest punching and forming performance. This closed loop system offers precise control to 0.01mm on BDC and punching speeds of up to 1500 strokes per minute.
Sheet Clamps
Fully adjustable manually positioned work clamps supplied as standard.
The clamp arrangement incorporates quick change lower spikes to maintain sheet grip, and sheet detection/pull-out sensors for added safety.
Sheet Jam and Deformation Detector
These detectors are strategically mounted near the turret to detect material deformation and jamming due to sheet collision or buckling.
If initiated they instantaneously stop the machine minimising possible damage to the machine and dies.
Machine standard features
This thick turret tooling system consists of high wear castings for durability machined to extreme accuracy by the Japanese turret supplier.
The use of reduction sleeves enables B tooling to be inserted into D stations. This eliminates the need for dedicated station tooling when indexing with smaller tools. (Available from your tooling supplier.)
Turret Positioning
High speed accurate positioning and alignment of both the top and bottom turrets using an innovative single servo motor with dual chain drives.
Once the correct tool station is positioned the system provides accurate alignmet by utilising high-speed locking pins.
Indexing Station
The index stations use a submersion oil bath lubrication system, rather than grease, for the worm wheel/shaft drive. This maintains the long-term accuracy of these high-precision stations through continuous lubrication.
C axis repositioning tolerance within 0.03mm.
Replaceable Hardened Tooling Bushes
The turret is equipped with replaceable hardened tool guide bushes providing abrasion resistance and location accuracy.
This system extends turret life and has the added advantage that these bushes are easily replaced at the first signs of wear hence maintaining accuracy.
Machine standard features
Fast Lower Die Unloading
The turret system uses a quick change lower die via a single cap screw, while precision is maintained through the self-aligning design.
The lower die holder incorporates replaceable hardened bushes to maintain punch accuracy.
These lower die bases can also be fitted with brushes or roller-balls to minimise product marking.
Auto Position Servo Head
Where in-line stations are located on the turret the servo head automatically positions over the selected tool during operation.

Note: Standard on 36 & 40 Station Turrets only
Wheel Forming and Shear Wheel Functions
Incorporating the necessary software and hardware to enable the latest innovations in wheel forming and wheel shear functions using the Wilson Wheel™ or Mate Roller Solutions Wheel™ (or similar).
With the Dye TPE you can now continuously contour, form or shear using the index station. Compared to conventional methods of progressive forming this system enables increased productivity and helps eliminate secondary operations.
Automatic Machine Lubrication
To extend machine life, and minimise maintenance and down time, the Dye TPE is supplied with an automatic lubrication system to all slides, bearings and ball screws.
Included with this system is an oil low-level detection alarm for added security.
Importantly this auto lubrication system minimises non-productive time otherwise spent lubricating the machine.
Machine standard features
Brush Support Table with Roller Ball Inserts
(Upper photo) Designed to reduce scratching and minimise noise while providing ample support, suitable for 0.5 – 3mm thick sheets. Stainless Steel Table with Roller Ball inserts (Lower photo) Designed for heavier sheet applications of 3.5mm - 6.35mm thickness, this stainless steel work table with roller-ball inserts reduces cross contamination and provides support for heavier sheets.
Automatic Side Positioning device
Pneumatically operated stops that can be used to locate and square the side of the sheet when loading.
Standard 26 Station Turret
Fixed Station (capacity Ø3.0 – 12.7mm) – 10 positions
Fixed Station (capacity Ø12.7 – 31.75mm) – 10 positions
Index Station (capacity Ø12.7 – 31.75mm) – 2 positions
Fixed Station (capacity Ø31.75 – 50.8mm – 2 positions
Fixed Station (capacity Ø50.8 – 88.9mm) – 2 positions